Summer 2018: Oregon Cinema Arts Film Festival Official Selections

Thank You For Supporting Our First Ever Screening In 2018!

The Oregon Cinema Arts Film Festival screened a collection of independent films in Portland. Friday and Saturday, August 17-18, 2018 from 7:00p - 11:00p each night.

5th Avenue Cinemas
510 SW Hall St
Portland, OR 97201

Oregon Cinema Arts Film Festival Summer 2018 Official Selections.

Session 1: Friday August 17, 2018 from 7p - 11p

  1. "Sonny Jim" Directed by Evamarie Choma (United States) Q&A
  2. "Fortune" Directed by Pablo Rodrigo Soto Ortiz Q&A
  3. "1952" Directed by Paul Danhauser (United States)
  4. "90-60-90" Directed by Bárbara Medina (Spain)
  5. "A Beautiful Encounter" Directed by Salima Mansouri (France)
  6. "A Long Way From Home" Directed by Alan Sabir Amin
  7. "A Night Without" Directed by Itamar Isaak (Israel)
  8. "A Trip To Nice" Directed by Hanna Maria Schlau
  9. "About Them." Directed by Justin Boswick (United States)
  10. "Adam" Directed by Evelyn Jane Ross (United States)
  11. "Adore The World" Directed by Wijnand Geraerts
  12. "An Accident Of Being" Directed by Lisa MacLean
  13. "An Idea" Directed by Juan Paulín (Mexico)
  14. "Ancient Oak - The Story Of A Bog Oak Sculptor." Directed by Daniel Balteanu (Ireland)
  15. "And Around... And Around... And Around" Directed by Carlos Coelho Costa
  16. "Angelo" Directed by Federica D'Ignoti (Italy)
  17. "Ant" Directed by Zhongwen Hu (United States)
  18. "August And The Rain Boots" Directed by Hannah Thompson
  19. "Aux Battements Du Parloir (Jail Quarters)" Directed by Pascal Marc (France)
  20. "Back Home" Directed by Marcello De Archangelis (Italy)
  21. "Ban Ban" Directed by Mustafa Kadhim (Iraq)
  22. "Banalities" Directed by Rafael de Andrade (Brazil)
  23. "Barry The Blobfish" Directed by Marleia A Alfaro (United States)
  24. "Because Of A Little Apple" Directed by Ksenia Roganova (Russian Federation)
  25. "Beyond Seeing" Directed by Behnaz Abdollahi
  26. "Biddy" Directed by Rhys Parsons (Australia)
  27. "Bird/Oiseau" Directed by Liz Kennedy (Canada)
  28. "Blanche's Bichon Buzz" Directed by Marlene and Isabella Sharp (United States)
  29. "Blue Division" Directed by Sergi Marti (Spain)
  30. "Blue Light: Haunt My Dreams" Directed by Miceal Og O'Donnell
  31. "Bourbon With Milk" Directed by Paris Patsouridis (Greece)
  32. "Brain Cable 12197" Directed by Dan Safonov (Russian Federation)
  33. "Brutalide" Directed by Niccolò Buttigliero (Italy)
  34. "Cafe Midnight" Directed by Stacy Venkova (Russian Federation)
  35. "Can't Move" Directed by Aćim Vasić
  36. "Cannot Predict Now" Directed by Kimberly Burleigh (United States)
  37. "Carnavalha" Directed by Áurea Maranhão, Ramusyo Brasil (Brazil)
  38. "Cassiopeia" Directed by Willem van den Heever
  39. "Chapter 2 'The Web Series'" Directed by Larry Harris , Leonard Martin (United States)
  40. "Cog" Directed by Colette Copeland (United States)
  41. "Control" Directed by Ali Ata Aakel (Turkey)
  42. "Corn" Directed by Ömür Yıldırım (Turkey)
  43. "Corporema" Directed by Carlos Queiroz
  44. "Creative Block" Directed by Nicola Rose (United States)
  45. "Daddy" Directed by Kacper Anuszewski (Poland)
  46. "Dancing Girls" Directed by Zeynep Köprülü (Turkey)
  47. "Deal" Directed by Gisela Benenzon (Argentina)
  48. "Déjà Vu" Directed by Firas Sameer (United Arab Emirates)
  49. "Die Freundin (The Homegirl)" Directed by Iván Sáinz-Pardo (Germany)
  50. "Dogs" Directed by Jesse Pickett
  51. "Don't Forget To Remember Me" Directed by Carla Pekander (Finland)
  52. "Drea" Directed by Eliza Good (United States)
  53. "Dreamfever" Directed by Wang Sheng
  54. "Dysphagia" Directed by Pete Yagmin
  55. "Earthbound - Mothers Ruin" (Music Video) Directed by Lucy Norton
  56. "El Amor" Directed by Raul Simao (Australia)
  57. "Emily" Rad Brown - Directed by Adie J Brown
  58. "Enemies From Within" Directed by Frederic Eger (Latvia)
  59. "Escape" Directed by Rim Nakhli Tunisia
  60. "Escaping Stars" Directed by Herbain Laëtitia (France)
  61. "Esther" Directed by Rain(Xiaolin) Zheng
  62. "Evoke" Directed by Asia LeMasters (United States)
  63. "Expiry Date" Directed by Jackie English (Canada)
  64. "Factory" Directed by Batuhan Köksal (Turkey)
  65. "Fearless" Directed by Tommy Souza
  66. "First Dates With A Comedienne"
  67. "Flesh" Directed by Bart Lodts
  68. "Flight" Directed by Deborah Magocsi (United States)
  69. "Free All" Directed by Tiziana Cristiano
  70. "Freedom" Mircea Bobina, Vadim Tiganas
  71. "From Inside" Ramy El Gabry (Egypt)
  72. "Frozen Pizza" János-Jonatán Lőrincz (Germany)
  73. "Generally Not #3" Julian van Grey (Germany)
  74. "Going Awol" Sergey Tselikov (Russian Federation)
  75. "Half  A Glass" Thomas Petborisooth (United States)
  76. "Headache - August Kuper" Amanda Blake
  77. "Heaven Has Been Fooled" Odeta Cunaj (Albania)
  78. "Hell Followed With Him" Jeremy Lowery
  79. "Her Voice" Silvia Defrance (Belgium)
  80. "Here We Come" Anthony Presley (United States)
  81. "Hezar Afsan" asghar safar,  jalai yekta abbas (Iran)
  82. "Hidden" George McCluskey (United Kingdom)
  83. "Hot Dogs" Axel Cheb (Argentina)
  84. "I Am Niamh: Bellend" Aidan Duffy (Ireland)
  85. "I'm Into You" Hugo Gillard (France)
  86. "In Everyone's Eyes - El Último!" Lloyd Frost (Canada)
  87. "In The Arms Of The Sea (15)" Dmitry Moiseev
  88. "In The Forest" Larry, Yu-Cheng Chang (United States)
  89. "In Through The Night" Directed by Josiah Cuneo
  90. "Insert [Coda] Here" Directed by Sharon Mansur (United States)
  91. "Insubordia Pt Iii" Directed by David Rosengren, Petter Strömberg (Sweden)
  92. "Internet" Directed by Alma Cocaj
  93. "It´s Time" Directed by Efrain Garcia (Argentina)
  94. "Jelena!" Directed by Jelena Marta Glisic (Serbia)
  95. "Juba" Directed by Severino Neto, Rafael de Carvalho

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Session 2: Saturday August 18, 2018 from 7p - 11p

15 Films will have a Q&A Sessions
  1. "Broken Dreams" Directed by Saul Preciado-Garcia
  2. "Cetaceans: The People Of The Ocean" Directed by Hale Mednick
  3. "Forever, My Love" Directed by David S. Dawson, Theresa Dawson Davis (United States)
  4. "Four Daughters" Directed by Ray Nomoto Robison (Oregon)
  5. "In Stalk" Rodger Woodruff III (United States)
  6. "Light Police" Directed by Kyra Moran
  7. "Love Is" Directed by Anthony Frank (Ohio)
  8. "Melancholia" Directed by Redouane Elghazi
  9. "Rong (Melt)" Directed by Hong Huo (Wisconsin)
  10. "Smack & Serve" Directed by Haus des Rodriguez (United States)
  11. "The Overnight" Directed by Shane Aranda (Colorado)
  12. "The Quitters - Future" Directed by Shahab Zargari
  13. "Three Minutes" Directed by Benjamin Thornton (United States)
  14. "The Painted Mara" Directed by Jody Vernon (United States)
  15. "Tosssed Assside" Directed by David S Dawson, Theresa Dawson Davis

Other Screenings
  1. "Keah Goes To The Moon" Directed by Soma Helmi
  2. "King James Version Genesis Chapter Nineteen" Directed by Martin Sulzer
  3. "La Lección (The Lesson)" Directed by Hugo Gómez
  4. "Lady Justice I&Ii" Directed by Eduard Emanuel Leahu (Romania)
  5. "Layton's Mystery Journey: Katrielle & The Millionaires' Conspiracy" Directed by Akihiro Hino (United States)
  6. "Lilt" Directed by Josiah Cuneo
  7. "Limbo" Directed by Gokce Erenmemisoglu (United States)
  8. "Lines" Directed by Kerasidis Ilias (Greece)
  9. "Locked In A Room With A Tasmanian Tiger" Directed by Joseph Burgess, Leonardo Ortega
  10. "Love Ghost" Directed by Susanne Palm (Taiwan)
  11. "Love Hurts" Directed by Ron Lammer
  12. "Lovers" Directed by Raul Simao (Australia)
  13. "Lydia Rising" Directed by Jennifer Ruth
  14. "Made You Look" Directed by Justin Zimmerman (United States)
  15. "Masa" Directed by Layal El-Ghossain
  16. "Meet Henry: Portrait Of A Bad Man" Directed by Chris K. Daniels
  17. "Metamorphosis -  Samuele Telari Plays Bach's Goldberg Variationen Bwv 988" Directed by Roberto Falessi, Alessandro Rotili (Italy)
  18. "Metropolitan Crush" Directed by Kirk Demorest (United States)
  19. "Michael" Directed by Jane Simonetti
  20. "Mira" Directed by Ignat Kunilov
  21. "Monster Of The Web" Directed by Ramy El Gabry
  22. "Most Dangerous Game" Directed by Dustin Hawkins (United States)
  23. "Nightmare Bear" Directed by Melissa Neuburger
  24. "Nightwalk" Directed by David Kleinekottmann (Germany)
  25. "No Man's Land" Directed by Branko Istvancic (Croatia)
  26. "Olde E" Directed by Xavier L. Neal-Burgin (United States)
  27. "Perforations" Directed by Slobodan Tomić
  28. "Purgatory" Directed by Tom Dunphy (Australia)
  29. "Quack" Directed by Adrian Ferrara
  30. "R.E.D" Directed by Sandra Bourdonnec (Germany)
  31. "Radical Evolution" Directed by Alon Hammer
  32. "Rag Dolls" Directed by Justin & Kristin Schaack (United States)
  33. "Read" Directed by Duca (Germany)
  34. "Real Life" Directed by Jean-Marc Garin (Italy)
  35. "Red Flower" Directed by Stella Rosen
  36. "Relevance" Directed by Morgan Spiering
  37. "Remembering In The Future" Directed by Josiah Cuneo
  38. "Request" Directed by Kazuya Ashizawa (Japan)
  39. "Ride A Wave" Directed by George Wada
  40. "Saving Mercury" Directed by Ali Kadhim Australia)
  41. "Sea-Tectives" Directed by Christopher Dobbs Jr. (United States)
  42. "Shadow Behind" Directed by Anahita Seraji, Spencer J. David (Canada)
  43. "Short" Directed by Hunter Livingston (United States)
  44. "Shutter" Directed by Dustin Hawkins (United States)
  45. "Solitude" Directed by Julia Bhansali (United States)
  46. "Stick-Up (2017)" Directed by Eric Scott Williamson (United States)
  47. "Stolen Jars- "Eliot" (Music Video) Directed by Evelyn Jane Ross (United States)
  48. "Stretching Of Daily Life" Directed by Nenad Nedeljkov (Serbia)
  49. "Stun Guns - One Step Closer" Directed by Tony Leon (United States)
  50. "Sui Caedere" Directed by Stanislav Kapralov (Ukraine)
  51. "Take Me To The Non-Breathers" Directed by Azim Rizal
  52. "Taste Of Night" Directed by Liudmila Komrakova (Russian Federation)
  53. "Ted" Directed by Tada Kongjonrak (United States)
  54. "Tequila Grapefruit" Directed by Garance Chagnon-Grégoire (Canada)
  55. "The Candle" Directed by René Ashton (United States)
  56. "The Different Being" Directed by Rosario Brucato (Italy)
  57. "The Heretic" Directed by Amir Kapetanović (Croatia)
  58. "The Man In Black" Directed by Martino Tzab Pérez (Mexico)
  59. "The Name Of Action" Directed by Thomas Pollock
  60. "The One" Directed by Wu,Yun-Hsuen
  61. "The Photographer" Directed by Bertrand Normand (France)
  62. "The Reapers" Directed by Hector Suñol (Spain)
  63. "The Ride" Directed by Kacper Anuszewski (Poland)
  64. "The Risk For Freedom" Directed by Alex Le (United States)
  65. "The Sea" Directed by Faustino Alanis (Mexico)
  66. "The Sea" Directed by Andrés Joan (United States)
  67. "The Table In The Wilderness" Directed by Diego Scarparo (Brazil)
  68. "The Tipping Point" Directed by Danielle Cohen
  69. "The Tunnel" Directed by Awu (Yuhua Li), Qiang Chen (China)
  70. "Them (Or Things My Ex-Boyfriends Have Actually Said To Me)" Directed by Jamie Janković (United Kingdom)
  71. "Three" Directed by Lindsay Wolf (United States)
  72. "To Pop A Cherry" Directed by Cristine Berglund (Sweden)
  73. "Traditional Bazaar" Directed by Hyoju Nam (South Korea)
  74. "Una Locura (Madness)"
  75. "Unlawful" Directed by Thomas Butcher (United States)
  76. "Unspoken" Directed by Michael LeBlanc
  77. "Uriel" Directed by Stan Campbell (United States)
  78. "Utter Pricks Of The Heart" Directed by Colm Field, Ashley Belgrave
  79. "Veteran Of The Psychic Wars" Directed by Lourenço Baptista (Portugal)
  80. "Vous" Directed by Pari Antoniou (Greece)
  81. "Waves Goodbye" Directed by Gabar Choli
  82. "Wham" Directed by Kevin Taylor
  83. "What Happened To Us?" Directed by Florencia Calcagno (Argentina)
  84. "Whirlwind" Directed by Allan Ng
  85. "Who You Could Have Been" Directed by Danilo Corrêa (Brazil)
  86. "Wine Not" Directed by Mio Hu (United States)
  87. "Winnow" Directed by George Lewis
  88. "Wolf Trap" Directed by Destiny Soria (United States)

Screenwriter Randy Zuniga

Official Screenplay Selections

  1. "Suicide 101" Screenplay written by Randy Zuniga (United States)
  2. "Cherry Glazed" Screenplay Written by Christine Sherwood (California)
Rag Dolls - Trailer

Ancient Oak - Trailer

"Half A Glass" Trailer

"Heaven Has Been Fooled" (Trailer)

"The Sea" (Mar) - Trailer


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